Hi, Iā€™m Emma!


I'm from Munich, Germany and 22 years old. Professional over-thinker, over-analyzer and over-observer trying to figure out live, love, people and most of all myself.

I always dreamed about having my own magazine, because I loved reading them but I never found one that really represented all my interests and one that was a collection of what really interested me and stuff I really wanted to read or needed to hear.

Until I realized that nowadays it is so easy to create something like that. So here it is: Our Private Traps. All about getting out of the traps you put yourself in and stepping into a life you love. Because there is such a thing.

It's about the things that make my life more exciting and hopefully will do the same for you: Film, Music, Art, Travel, Food feeling good in your body and in your head and observing the human mind. Would love it if you would stick around, join the gang, lift each other up and make this a happy place.


Emma x




Email me for press/media inquiries and other collaborations.