10 Of My Favorite Movies

I definitely am a movie fanatic so it is always tough for me to make a list of my favorite films, since, first of all, it changes all the time, second of all, there are so many incredible movies out there, all special for different reasons. So on this particular list, I am picking the movies that stood out to me for the mood and atmosphere they are creating. For that special something that you can't quite pinpoint. What I really appreciate, and look for, in a movie is the mood and the right overall atmosphere. I like it, when it's not completely polished and smooth, I like it, when it's a bit rough and maybe even a bit flawed sometimes, as long as it brings out the right emotions. For that excitement, to see what movies can do. Those that made me beyond excited and eager to aspire to create. Those movies that started that obsession for me and the ones that I go back to if I want to see that magic. That special combination that somehow makes it such an enriching experience in opposition to being a waste of time.

I'm not going to put a summary of the films in here, because, you know, there's Google and if you're interested in any of them you can easily find stuff about them. This is just my opinion on the movies and why I love them so much and I honestly just advise you to take my word for it and just watch all of them if you haven't seen them, without looking up too much up about them so you can go in without any pre-formed expectations, which is always the best way.

Clockwork Orange: Well Stanley Kubrick is just an absolute genius when it comes to directing movies that's no news at all. And I love all of his movies and I recommend all of them, but this one is my favorite. It is a bit brutal, so don't watch it if you're young or sensitive, there is rape and violence, but it is incredibly well made and makes you question what is good or bad and flips the attacker into the victim so effortlessly. Stanley Kubrick was an insane perfectionist and you can see that in his films. Also, Malcom McDowell is incredible in it.

Psycho: This movie is so special and precious to me I couldn't believe how much I love it the first time I watched it and it really made me fall deeper for films overall. It does not have a boring second and the characters are incredible, not only because the actors are amazing but the dialogue is so incredibly well written, I cling on to every word they are saying. And even though the story seems like a simple murder case the movie offers so much that is new and so unique. Not only does the main character die in the middle of the film, you will also find yourself genuinely caring for the murderer. I could watch it over and over again, and it just gets better every time.

God Help the girl: This film deserves so much more recognition then it gets it is made with so much passion and love for detail, you can really feel it. It's a young adult musical that could not feel more real to the struggle you go through at that age. It deals with mental illness and finding your lives purpose in the most loving way. It makes me feel cozy and sad and happy and just overall emotional every time I watch it. I personally found it at the exact time I needed it and it lies very close to my heart. Stuart Murdoch wrote and directed it and wrote the songs and I would listen to them all day every day if I could.  It also has somewhat of a self-crafted feel to it that makes it feel so raw and pure and vulnerable,  I just want to hug it.

My Own Private Idaho: This movie is just beautiful. If I should print every frame of a movie and hang it on my wall it would be this one. I love the vibes and obviously, River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves are stunning. This movie, again, has a really special vibe to it that makes it feel very special. It puts me in a certain cozy and inspired mood that I love.  The acting is just incredible and Gus Van Sant directs it in a way the story feels so real and magical at the same time.

Waking Life: This is a movie unlike every other. The most obvious reason for that is the way it looks. It is made with a technique, where they shot the scenes with real people and then painted over it so it looks and feels like you are actually in a dream. Richard Linklater is an amazing director, with a sensitive, interesting perspective on the world. The movie consists mainly of dialogue between different people, but what they talk about is interesting, philosophical, meaningful stuff, and it doesn't give you a second to breathe and think about it in between, so at the end, it hits you all at once. You definitely are going to think about this movie for a long time after you've seen it

The Dish and the Spoon: This is a precious discovery I've made and I love this movie so much!   Its very low saturation and long, calm scenes create an artsy, beautiful piece. There are mainly only two characters whose lives happen to cross on two very different paths. But they're both a bit lost, that's what brings them together. Incredible actors: Olly Alexander and Greta Gerwig, I love their interesting chemistry. A very bittersweet movie, that feels true to life and yet is completely strange in its ways. I'm so happy I found this one and will always enjoy rewatching it. Its subtlety makes it so mesmerizing.

Donnie Darko: Oh, Donnie Darko, my love. This strange, a bit flawed piece of entertainment is honestly an absolute film crush of mine. It excites me so much and I can't quite capture, why. There is something about it, the atmosphere of the film, the dialogue that has that special something and that makes it such an iconic piece of art. While capturing everyday teenage life it is at the same time so weird and dark but it hits me right in a soft spot somehow. Jake Gyllenhaal will always stay connected to this role for me as he fits it so perfectly.

Pretty Woman: The ultimate feel-good movie, I enjoy every second of it so much. It is so classy and beautiful. A classic love story beautifully told. And of course, there's that incredible performance by Julia Roberts. I always watch this movie when I need a little comfort and pick-me-up. Everything about it is so stunning and beautiful it is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Rebel Without a Cause: Another obvious choice, but there is no doubt that this movie has something very special. James Dean is so incredible, and sadly we weren't blessed with many movies with him, but this one is enough to make him an absolute legend. Sal Mineo is wonderful as well. This movie pictures this difficult age so well, where everybody is lost and in serious need of a purpose and a goal in their life.

Honorable mentions: No list in the world could capture every amazing piece of creation that exists in this world thanks to so many talented people and I'm sure there are many more lists to come but for this first list with the biggest films that come to mind I still could not for the life of me stop at ten. So here are at least SOME others that deserve a place here.

Stand By Me (Because of River Phoenix's acting and Stephen Kings story.)

The Labyrinth (Because, David Bowie.)

Dead Poets Society (Because, Robin Williams)

Coconut Hero (Because it is so different.)

La La Land (Because, dreamers. And hope.)

Enemy (Because, so strange.)

Brokeback Mountain (Because Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal)

Breakfast Club (Because. Breakfast Club.)