Explaining the blog title.

Welcome guys to the relaunch of my blog! 

Some of you may recognize the quote from the Hitchcock movie psycho. It is one of the best pieces of dialogue in movie history in my opinion. And that movie is definitely one of my absolute favorites. It stuck with me ever since I first saw it. I hope you guys have seen it and if not you should go and watch it right now!

Let me losely quote the dialogue for you the way I remember it.

So Norman says: "I think that we're all in our private traps. Clamped in them and none of us can ever get out."        
Then Marion says: "Sometimes we deliberately step into those traps"
Norman: "I was born in mine. But I don't mind it anymore."
Marion: "Well you should! You should mind it!"

With that I finally found the words for that feeling that I have and could never quite capture. We all have blockages specific to each individual that keep us from improving our situations. And some of us are already born in those traps and often we create them for ourselves. But as you can see I have changed the wording a little bit in the title as I see the whole thing a bit more optimitic and hopeful and say "SOME of us can never get out". Because I strongly believe that if we are self aware enough to recognize who we are and the situation we're in we can and will find a way to take actions towards a life in which we can find true happiness and contentment and therefore get out of those traps. Of course it is a never ending journey to keep improving everything around you and yourself. But that, to me, is a very comforting thought because there IS always the possibility to do so and that means hope.

That's exactly what this blog is all about, improving live and enjoying the journey. Finding out what you love and who you want to be. Also I want to celebrate all the fun things that life offers that we need to focus on. Movies, fashion, art, food, health, fitness, photography, travel and many more.

So I hope you'll stick around to explore all that life has to offer have a good time doing so.