Shamelessly, My Idols.


I believe, in life, you don't have to find but create yourself to be the person you want to be. And to not create a completely new path to go from scratch, it is helpful to observe and analyze people you like and strive for the traits you admire about them. I have found myself being incredibly inspired by peoples talents and way of holding themselves. There is often something about a person that completely fascinates me. Sometimes I can't exactly tell what that is, sometimes I know exactly what it is.

So here is a list of people, that inspire me to be better: (Family and friends excluded)

Bill Kaulitz - For being unapologetically myself and not letting anything define you. Also to stand as your own person confident not in the desperate need of a romantic partner. Not being defined by your gender nor your sexuality is something I find extremely admirable. Truly being and saying completely what and who you are without trying to fit in a box even though it makes other people uncomfortable and dislike you. And to only let that encourage you.

James Franco - To create, and give everything your all, no matter whether people like it or you're good at it. To just to do it for the sake of creating. Doing that often and with a lot of passion. To never be afraid of hard work. And not limiting yourself to one thing. And putting yourself first. To rely on yourself and being good company for yourself, to be the only one you and to make proud. 

Melanie Martinez - For being different in a way that's so true to yourself and proud of it and for using her art in a way that's so special, so much more then it has to be, in storytelling and metaphors and following through with an idea.

Donna Tartt - For her passion for literature and emerging herself in a story completely. Good things do take time. And it's worth putting a lot of time and effort into a project. And to finish it.

That dancing guy on the train - I think about this guy so much. I saw him on a train once in a different city, just for a couple of minutes. But I couldn't not include him, no freaking way. I couldn't have needed him more at that moment. I strive to be like him in that fleeting moment that is now burned into my brain forever. I admire him for dancing with nothing but pure joy and happiness. All on his own. In public. No matter who saw him. For showing it is not embarrassing but truly admirable. And his energy radiated throughout the entire train the pure lightness of his joy.

Stanley Kubrick - For taking things incredibly serious and bringing visions to life. Not stopping until you have given it your all. (Maybe he overdid it, but it's still inspiring) He first made me fall in love with film, and I could relate to his visions so much that it made me think so much more was possible with film, it makes me excited to push the limits.

Greta Gerwig - For being a self-made woman and carving the path for women in the film industry. Being a remarkable actress and wonderful director. Being subtle but shining through nothing but her incredible talent.

Stuart Murdoch - For bringing visions to life and writing beautiful, beautiful stuff. Making things happen and having a passion projec that is worth giving your absolute all for.

Olly Alexander - For being kind. And for genuinely liking things. Really liking something is a skill. And being positive and happy no matter what. For being yourself and happy about it.

Hazel Hayes - For going after her goals in a way that's 'just doing it'. And for being a badass confident woman. For speaking her mind and not staying quiet to avoid confrontation and not acting dumb for any guy in the world (I'm not proud of it but I find myself doing both of those things more often then I like to believe)

Savannah Brown - Even though she's a year younger then me I'm not a tad bit ashamed to say I admire her for knowing who she is and not letting anything shake her doer mentality. Those goals that seem unachievable sometimes, thanks to her I see that just doing it is a possibility.

Dodie - For being a wonderful example that passion, honesty and being vulnerable pays off. That everybody, if they keep at it, and never give up will go somewhere.

I don't know any of those people personally but still, I think idols are great for showing us a caricature of the person we want to be. They represent a certain attitude and lifestyle that can inspire and make you strive for the better.

I think being a fan should be just that. Taking what you love about the person and the idea they represent and applying it to yourself and your own life. Don't get lost in admiration and don't define yourself by being a 'fan' and loving someone you don't know. Take their uniqueness and let it inspire you to create your own. 


Emma x