The Life Of A Dreamer


My Name is Emma and I am a dreamer. I have realized and finally accepted that fact about myself and it certainly took me a while to do both of those things. In an environment of fact-based realists, my view of the world and my future was often frowned upon. And I never understood what was wrong with me. It took me trying to live a life that was expected of me and becoming miserably unhappy to realize that giving up my crazy dreams meant giving up my hope, excitement, drive, and happiness altogether. I realized I'd rather have something so exciting I wanted to work for it day and night, with the slightest chance of achieving it, then I would want something with a safe outcome if that's not what excites me. Obviously, it's a risky and for some people scary life choice but I think it comes with a creative mind and is only understood by those who have it.

What it brings is not defining yourself through you day-job or through what you get paid. The success of a creative is purely defined by how much they get to create and how much of themselves they can put in their work. This means making time for your art. Whatever it is. Getting the material and people and everything you need to create exactly what you envisioned. If that happens to become the thing you get paid for, that is a perk because you get more time and supplies to create. And that's what matters. Creative minds require being cut off from the public value of success to be free from it to make themselves happy. And exactly that is quite hard if you have people's expectation all around you that you would really like to fill but that can only come by chance if you chose that path. That's not what you do it for.

Being a dreamer has it's upsides as well as some massive downsides. But in the end it's all about how you handle it. Here are the pros and cons of being a dreamer:


  • Hope: You believe in something more, something that lies beyond the daily life. And have faith that there is a way to achieve your goals.

  • Limitless imagination: You are living in a world that is different than our planet anyway so you can take it as far as you want to.

  • Creativity: Things are created in your mind out of nowhere every day, so creating is not a problem for you.

  • Many interests: Everything excites you, you can even get obsessed with things easily.

  • Dedication: You are not afraid of work if you feel like it helps you get somewhere you want to be. Often you think you can do everything better and faster than it is humanly possible, so you can get disappointed and stuck if you're not careful.

  • Striving for the sense of fulfillment and therefore the chance of actually achieving it. If you don't go out of your way to create a life you love, there is no way of actually getting there. So it's a good start.


  • Detachment from reality: It is easy to get lost and lose touch with the reality you live in.

  • Absence, getting lost in your own head. If you are in your head too much, you can lose the sense of what really happens, and waking up from that can be harsh.

  • Disappointment: All dreams never come true. It's just a fact, some of your many dreams are bound to fail, and that can cause disappointment and sadness.

  • Unrealistic Expectations or not knowing how to get there step by step.

  • Getting lost in the 'bigger picture': It can happen that you are looking at life as a whole, you forget to zoom in and live in the moment, plan your 'now'.

  • Judgemental People: People do judge and look down upon people with unrealistic expectations and what can seem like being naive. Which can dent your enthusiasm. But never let them tell you what is or isn't possible.

  • Struggling with mundane day-to-day life. Everyday tasks can seem pointless and unnecessary, often like a burden.

  • Imagining someone else's life: you often don't see yourself in your dreams, so that alone makes it unachievable. You see a completely different person doing all the things you ant to be doing. Don't forget who you are and that you are staying that person deep down. Make room for yourself in those dreams.

In the end, if you have that kind of mind, you will sooner or later realize, that the only work that will really make sense to you is the one that will bring you closer to your crazy dreams. So don't forget to work hard and make an effort to make them happen in your reality. Close the gap. Make them goals. And never let anyone discourage you!


Emma x

Do you consider yourself a dreamer or more of a realist? And do you feel that it is more help-/ or harmful to your life?