Food For The Body - Food For The Soul


Food is an important and recently very relevant topic, but dangerous to discuss as people feel attacked easily and evrybody has an opinion about what's right or wrong. But it’s important, considering we are literally made up of what we put into our body and we are forced to make those decisions every single day. But we have to remember: it's each and everybodys own business what they do with the information they have. Nobody can, should or has the right to tell you what to do about it.

Everyones body works differently so there is no one-fits-all solution. Because of that everybody needs to go on that journey individually of finding out what works for them. And that takes work and time and patience, trial and error and a lot of starting over if something doesn't work.

Just because healthy foods are in trend, that doesn’t mean that our relationship with food gets more healthy. Sadly, quite the contrary. Intensely restricted eating is extremely dangerous for the body AND the soul. It’s the mentality of I can’t eat a certain thing that leads to worrying and thinking about food all the time. Most of the time the body naturally knows what it needs - if we leave it alone! Women especially struggle because OUR BODIES ARE MEANT TO BE SOFT! We are supposed to have storage for emergencies, for our children, we are nurturers. Our bodies aren’t meant to put on muscle easily it’S all on us to force that. Of course it’´s great for us to work out and get our bodies moving but even with that AND healthy eating we tend to have softness on our bellies, our hips and legs! Our boobs are only fat-and everybody likes those. But that doesn’t meant we’re not healthy and shouldn’t feel happy in our bodies! Keep that in mind when you judge others or yourself. You can’t always see how healthy a person is. There are many women who simply naturally store more fat more easily even though they might be really active, and some of the skinny girls who look great are incredibly unhealthy! We devloped a very weird system to judge peoples health and the anonymity of the internet enables way to many people to have the audacity to tell people what they should be doing with their bodies! That needs to stop!

Cutting out a food group completely, especially suddenly isn’t good nor is it necessary.

Restriction is always dangerous!

My whole life food played an important role. I am an all-or-nothing kind of girl. I have dabbled on the verge of eating disorders and jojoed from eating only extremely ‘healthy’ to very, very unhealthy. And let me tell you the effect I’ve noticed on my body is extreme. You know it makes sense theoretically, but I don't think we often think about it enough. The immediate correlation between what we eat and how we feel. And of course it plays into our mental health.

Sweets, Fast Food are foods that are fun, that make you feel good, but only for a very short period of time. Eating those things all the time is being unkind to your future self. Every now and then it's fine because you will forgive yourself, it will be worth it. But if you do it all the time you will start hating yourself for it because you will regret it. And if you do it even though you know that, it is your weak willpower that is the reason for it and that's a part of yourself you shouldn't make your enemy.

The more you think about your food the more it takes over your life. It shouldn’t take that big of a part in your life. The best relationship with food is the one where you - without thinking crave the correct foods. The foods that are both satisfying and nutritious.

The key is a healthy mix:

To eat what you crave. There is this word rolling around the internet that's: intuitive eating. I mostly agree with that. It basically tells you to isten to your body for what it wants. And that's great. The only problem with that is that cravings are trained habits and not purely instinctive. I have made that experience myself. One time I suddenly started eating extremely healthy and only ate fruit when I was craving something sweet and yes, in the beginning it was difficult but after a while I specifically craved a banana or an apple and not chocolate anymore. And once I started eating a lot of chocolate again I started craving it extremely. That was the first time I really noticed how your body remembers what you give it and adjusts to it.

Sometimes healthy food is food for the mind:

You can’t say all the guilty, unhealthy food is for the soul or mind. Because if your body feels good, your mind does as well. And taking care of your body and putting good things into it is definitely a form of self care. It’s a way of telling yourself: you are important to me and I want you to feel good. And often especially when we’re not feeling well we say fuck it and eat the unhealthy stuff, it’s giving up in a way. But you shouldn’t, because it will make you feel worse. And you don’t need that at that moment. You need something that will make you feel better. Something that will help you get back on your feet. It can otherwise be a down spiral. In that moment you need those comfort foods that taste good and are healthy and good for your body.

Eat the unhealthy foods when and only when you can really enjoy them. Eat them when you’re happy. Not when you're sad. Not to comfort you. When you can consciously make the decision and know you won’t regret it. Regret with food is dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible.

You need to eat every day. And you need to enjoy it everyday. And fuel your body to function.

Everything in moderation — Life’s a balancing act.

The goal is, to get food for the body and food for the mind to overlap as much as possible. Because you want to be able to enjoy it AND have it fuel your body so you can feel good in your skin.


I don’t want to get into this too much but I do want to adress it quickly. I personally rarely eat meat now that I live on my own. I used to eat it with my family just because I never want to be that person that needs a special treatment but honestly I never really liked it. I am that person that thinks about it just a bit too much and then my imagination goes wild and I can not chew on it without losing my appetite. I had to actively ignore what it was I’m eating and I don’t want to be that way. I want to see behind the curtain, I want to know where the things are yoming from and make choices that I can get behind with my consumerism. And the way animals are treated right now is not something I can or want to support. I don’t have a problem with people eating meat if they know where it comes from and make good choices where they buy it, but to me it’s simply not appealing. I support everyone who takes their time to properly think about how they want to make their decisions on veganism, vegeterianism and stand by it. I don’t really like when people just do things because it’s normal and that’s what they’re used to I think it is a decision that needs to actively be made. And looking down on people that made a decision that is in the minority just because it is that is making me angry.

A friend of mine is pesceterian and has been since she was very young because it was clear to her that she could only with good conscience eat what she was able to kill herself. And going fishing with her grandpa taught her fish she could kil, going to a slaughterhouse showed her never could she kill a pig, cow or chicken so she doesn’t eat their meat.

To sum it up I think a healthy relationship with food is key, and you have to figure out for yourself what that means to you. Everyone needs to work on that for themselves.

Keep being happy and confident in your own skin if not for yourself, for the people like you and make the decisions you feel good about!


Emma x