22 Day Life Improvement Challenge For The Modern Girl


We all can do things to make our life better, more productive and happier overall. It can be tough to initiate change so here's a challenge to kickstart ideas and try out things you can integrate into your daily life.

It takes 21 days to build a habit, so 22 days is the perfect time to get things started. One hour a day isn't a lot and completely dedicating it to yourself and your happiness is more than justified. And even though dedicating an hour to yourself sounds like all you want to do with that is to sit on the couch and watch Netflix, that isn't the best thing for you and you know it. Sometimes you need to give yourself a little push to get the best out of that time, to do the things that will make you feel good in the long run, physically and mentally.

Our biggest challenges these days are to go offline and stay there for a while, to stop multitasking and to constantly distract ourselves. We should live after what my grandparent's generation taught me: If I sit, I sit, if I walk, I walk. Be completely emerged in the task and don't focus on anything else. I guess that's mindfulness. Something we are losing in the times of constant distraction and background noise. Everything gets louder and faster and sometimes we need to slow it down.

So here's how it works: Pick one of the things at night to do the next day. You don't need to keep the order, just pick whatever fits into your life the next day best. Just make sure at the end of the 22 days you have done each thing on the list. Maybe after that you'll take that hour to continue doing one of those things or come up with others that make you feel good offline.


  1. Read for an hour
  2. Read one hour before sleeping
  3. Take a walk without your phone for an hour
  4. "
  5. Have a dance party on your own for an hour
  6. Stream of consciousness for an hour/write
  7. "
  8. Paint or draw for an hour, it doesn't matter what but get creative
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  10.  Do a proper body care/pamper routine for an hour
  11.  Pick things to get rid of for an hour
  12. Pick a hobby you have and do it for an hour
  13.  Clean for an hour
  14.  Sing for an hour (Karaoke on youtube)
  15.  Call a friend, instead of texting. Without a reason.
  16.  Pick a recipe, buy the groceries and cook a nice meal
  17.  Just listen to music without doing anything else for an hour
  18. Work out for an hour: get your body moving with the workout of your choice. You can do it more often but I've reserved 4 spaces for a workout because it'll make you feel great.
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  20. "
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  22. Meditate for an hour, take breaks if you need to

Let me know how it goes for you and whether you can make it through! Have fun and don't worry about modifying things that you would like to do better with your time. We all have those things, hobbies we like but never take the time to do.  So let's give ourselves a little push and do them.  Challenge a friend and keep each other updated, make it a game. Have fun with it!


Good Luck,

Emma x



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