New Music Discoveries: 5 Awesome Women

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 All my friends know this about me but I can't stand worn out music. To me, music is a sponge that soaks up emotions and keeps them bottled. They are there, forever attached. Exactly that is what makes it so freeing, it lifts a weight off of your shoulders. And if you listen to a song again it brings everything back up again.

That's why I need fresh, new music often. With new emotions suit the everchanging state of my life and emotions, a soundtrack to that phase of my life. Well, way less deep than that: it's exciting. There is no better feeling than finding new music you love. The energy you get just from listening to it is insane.

These artists are new to me. Not all the artists are up and coming, some might have more stuff out, some only a couple of songs. It doesn't matter, I have discovered them recently and want to share them. You might already know them, or maybe you'll find some new ones you like.

So here's a list of my latest discoveries of five awesome ladies. I don't know why it's women only, it just worked out that way and in fact, I find myself listening to women more often lately, even though I don't know why that is. I don't really have a preference generally. 

Jorja Smith:

Genre: R&B/Soul

What I like about her music: Her voice is so amazing, and somehow there is so much emotion in it. Her lyrics are great and I love the style of music. I'm so glad I found her! She seems incredibly nice in her interviews as well!

Favorite songs: Don't Watch Me Cry, Blue Lights, Let Me Down

Maisie Peters:

Genre: Pop

What I like about her music: She is so young and has literally only three songs out, one of which is " the place we were made", which is already pretty popular. I looked up her other songs and just think they're amazing! I am so excited to see what's to come from her.

Favorite songs: Birthday, Worst Of You

Jessie Reyez:

Genre: R&B/Soul

What I like about her music: Her voice is so unique! And her lyrics and sound are so incredible, I love it! It's not music for the background, I could just sit and listen to her music all day!

Favorite songs: Figures, Body Count

Haley Blais:

Genre: Pop

What I like about her music: It's so calming and soothing! I can listen to this style of music all the time, it's like a hug in a song. The melodies are super nice and she is also just a ridiculously funny person!

Favorite songs: Small Foreign Faction, Severance Pay

Tash Sultana:

Genre: Alternative

What I like about her music: It's cool and edgy and the good old electric guitar sound is really nice! This is the perfect music to chill outside in the sun and enjoy life. It's a really nice change every now and then to what's on the radio these days. Great music!

Favorite songs: Murder To The Mind, Notion

Did you know these artists? If you've heard of them for the first time, how do you like them? What do you think? Let me know!


Emma x