How Can You Get Through "Those Days"?

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It just happens to everyone. Those bad days. Yes, for some of us the bottom is lower and it gets harder to get out. Some of our brains are just intensely cruel. When there’s a mental illness involved it is a whole other story it can easily get the better of you.

Everybody’s different, some of us can handle when big stuff goes wrong and everything goes to shit a bit. But then little stuff goes wrong and it gets to them. For others it throws us quickly when something doesn’t go according to plan. Sometimes nothing’s wrong but we wake up with a knot in our stomach. Fact is: we’re all different but we all have bad days. It’s part of being human.

We need to accept it. And we need to learn how to deal with it. I always say everyone should work out a manual to themselves: this emotion needs to be treated with that action.

Have a go-to routine for your lows: movies, music, food, your bed, a book, podcasts, anything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and comfortable.

So what to do of course has to be adjusted to the kind of low you’re in. If you can literally not get out of bed you have to give in. Fighting it makes it worse. You need to be kind to yourself and do your best to make yourself feel better.

Dont get mad at yourself for feeling that way, that just makes it worse. Also don’t let yourself go into it completely.

Distraction. Sometimes it’s the best thing you can do. Put on a comfort movie or show to simply get out of your own head. Circling around the same thoughts certainly brings no solution.

Sit it out: Be persistent. Just wait until it gets better and don't push yourself when you know you can't. There's no point sometimes, it just makes it worse.

Get meaningful work. If that's only a hobby, that's fine, but do something that's worth some value to you, that makes you see the point in getting up and doing it.

Feel useful to the world and others. That's also being there for somebody else. Find something to volunteer for. You don't have to forget that you are struggling yourself, but sometimes dealing with someone else's problems make yours seem smaller. And there is no worse feeling than being useless and being nothing than a burden to the world. Of course that’S never true but to assure yourself of it and see that appreciation from someone helps a lot.

Be kind to yourself.

Simple but important: Drink enough water, eat some fruit or something healthy put something good into your body that gives it something to work with. Being hungry or tired makes everything way worse. Let it do its thing and give you energy back. Let it work and get you back up but be good to it as well.

How do you get back up? After the lowest low passes, and it will, just wait, you should have a go to that pumps you up and gets you inspired and excited about anything: again mvies, music, dance videos are great for me, making small plans with a friend or going 'downtown' just on your own or going to see a movie. Get showered and a little dressed up in comfortable clothes that make you feel good: again good to have a go to. Small things that make you feel better.

What if you don't have time to take care of yourself, you're so busy: First of all self care is the most important thing and if there's any possibility to pass something over to anyone else, to push the task, to call in sick from work, that's honestly okay. Mental health is just as important as physical health. The point is, you have to work on getting yourself better, you can't give up and let yourself go. Not for yourself. As long as you're doing your best and sometimes you have to accept that you are even when it doesn't feel like it, you're absolutely fine. Be kind to yourself, again. If you have a task ahead of yourself that you simpy have to get done, there's no other way: then just don't do it perfectly! Honestly this is the best advice I got, actually I figured this out for myself, but just do it okay. Get it done. And know you could have done better but doing it 'good enough' is absolutely fine and enough for the moment. Forgive yourself, you don't have to be the best at everything and often it doesn't even matter whether you're good at anything at all as long as you're 'good enough' meaning you passed an exam for example. In school there is this absolutely stupid pressure about getting good grades even though later no one cares at all and you could have lived your live so much more stress free if you didn't care as much about your grades, and if that wasn't some sort of status symbol, something you had to be embarassed about in front of your classmates.

Just learn to stand above that. It's actually so much more important at that time to figure out who you are and what you like and how to handle your emotions and body and your mind and thoughts. I wish so much someone had told me those things then. But with experience you’ll learn to get to know your own body and mind and handling bad times will get much easier! Just never give up!

x Emma