Another Spiderman: Spiderman Homecoming


First of all, I need to state my unpopular opinion, which is: I don't care for Superhero movies, generally. I am not a fan of Marvel, I don't really get the hype. They just don't get to me all that much. I don't like the action, the cool phrases, especially the comedy in these days' movies I don't find particularly funny. Actually not at all. The self-sarcasm, the making fun of a serious situation before anyone else can. I don't like it. I say, if you do something, mean it. Do it seriously. But that's a whole other discussion to have.

But Spiderman to me was always different, my favorite Superhero by far if I had to pick one.  So I must say, I am a fan of all the Spiderman movies, especially the first ones with Tobey Maguire. I absolutely love them, the first two mostly, the third one was a bit all over the place, as a third movie often is, but I must have seen the second one 50 times at least. I used to watch it to fall asleep, yep I did. I had it on my phone and watched it every night for a period of time. I pretty much know every word to this day. It is burned in my brain.

With Andrew Garfield, I wasn't sure. I liked him as an actor and still do, but it just didn't really work for me. The movies lost a bit of the Spiderman feel, he came off a bit cocky. And all the CGI and the action was a bit too much for me. That's not what I like about Spiderman, or in fact any superhero movies. I could easily skip the action scenes, they are pretty boring to me.

Tom Holland is the third Spiderman after Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield and obviously, my first thought was: Do we really need another Spiderman? If they couldn't get it right so far, why do they keep trying, aren't they just making it worse?

But after watching it I must say, it is indeed a completely different approach and it works. I like it a lot.

What I liked:

  • As Spiderman usually knows the bad guys he has to fight in his real life as Peter Parker. In this movie they did that in a really unexpected way, which worked out to stay unexpected until a certain scene in the car which really grips you as the viewer. Michael Keaton, the man with wings, seems to be an obvious choice for this role but it certainly works. We know him as this sort of character but that doesn't bother me personally.
  • Tom Holland as Spiderman: I think it works, I like him, I like that he looks and sounds young and fun and athletic and nice. (After all Tobey and Andrew were over 30 playing High School kids an that always seems a bit forced)
  • The filmmaking: I think the story is told well and at a great pace and the images are quite aesthetically pleasing and the colors are fun but not too much (not overly saturated).
  • Robert Downey-Junior: The guy is just funny especially the chemistry between him and Tom Holland just makes me happy, it's great.

What I didn't like:

  • Aunt May: As much as I like Marisa Tomei, I don't think she really works well as Aunt May. She seems too young and sexy and I can't really feel the connection to Peter. Also, she tries to be too funny and it seems kind of fake and like she's trying too hard.
  • It feels a bit forced into the Avengers movies, they are very present in the story, which makes sense but it can't quite stand alone, which I don't like. As someone who hasn't seen all the Marvel movies, I had to go back and watch Captain America: Civil War. But I guess that comes with being part of the Marvel Universe.
  • I know they didn't want to tell the whole spider-bite and death of Uncle Ben story again, but I still would like to see it, just because I'd like it to work on its own without having to know the older movies. But I heard they might do something about it in the second movie.

Overall: I enjoyed it a lot and can recommend it even to people who loved the old movies and are afraid it won't meet their expectations. It's a lot of fun and doing something new after all those movies really is an incredible achievement. Tom Watts really did a great job and made it look so easy. I am looking forward to seeing more of Spiderman without being sad, that it's not Tobey anymore, I've moved on. ;)

So let me know, how did you like it? Do you think it compares to the preview Spidermen? What do you think about Tom Holland?