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The Life Of A Dreamer

y Name is Emma and I am a dreamer. I have realized and finally accepted that fact about myself and it certainly took me a while to do both of those things. In an environment of fact-based realists, my view of the world and my future was often frowned upon. And I never understood what was wrong with me. It took me trying to live a life that was expected of me and becoming miserably unhappy to realize that giving up my crazy dreams meant giving up my hope, excitement, drive, and happiness altogether. I realized I'd rather have something so exciting I wanted to work for it day and night, with the slightest chance of achieving it, then I would want something with a safe outcome if that's not what excites me.

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Shamelessly, My Idols.

I believe, in life, you don't have to find but create yourself to be the person you want to be. And to not create a completely new path to go from scratch, it is helpful to observe and analyze people you like and strive for the traits you admire about them. I have found myself being incredibly inspired by peoples talents and way of holding themselves. There is often something about a person that completely fascinates me. Sometimes I can't exactly tell what that is, sometimes I know exactly what it is.

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10 Of My Favorite Movies

I definitely am a movie fanatic so it is always tough for me to make a list of my favorite films, since, first of all, it changes all the time, second of all, there are so many incredible movies out there, all special for different reasons. So on this particular list, I am picking the movies that stood out to me for the mood and atmosphere they are creating. For that special something that you can't quite pinpoint.

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