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The Life Of A Dreamer

y Name is Emma and I am a dreamer. I have realized and finally accepted that fact about myself and it certainly took me a while to do both of those things. In an environment of fact-based realists, my view of the world and my future was often frowned upon. And I never understood what was wrong with me. It took me trying to live a life that was expected of me and becoming miserably unhappy to realize that giving up my crazy dreams meant giving up my hope, excitement, drive, and happiness altogether. I realized I'd rather have something so exciting I wanted to work for it day and night, with the slightest chance of achieving it, then I would want something with a safe outcome if that's not what excites me.

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Shamelessly, My Idols.

I believe, in life, you don't have to find but create yourself to be the person you want to be. And to not create a completely new path to go from scratch, it is helpful to observe and analyze people you like and strive for the traits you admire about them. I have found myself being incredibly inspired by peoples talents and way of holding themselves. There is often something about a person that completely fascinates me. Sometimes I can't exactly tell what that is, sometimes I know exactly what it is.

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To Accept What You Can't Change

I always wondered, why it's been so difficult for me to move on from things and let them go. I tend to hold on to them and drag them around until I'm exhausted because of it. I am so annoyed at everything that happene, that I have no influence over. Frustrated by the things I can't change. What I've realized is, I'm seriously lacking the skill to accept the things I can't change.

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