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The Life Of A Dreamer

y Name is Emma and I am a dreamer. I have realized and finally accepted that fact about myself and it certainly took me a while to do both of those things. In an environment of fact-based realists, my view of the world and my future was often frowned upon. And I never understood what was wrong with me. It took me trying to live a life that was expected of me and becoming miserably unhappy to realize that giving up my crazy dreams meant giving up my hope, excitement, drive, and happiness altogether. I realized I'd rather have something so exciting I wanted to work for it day and night, with the slightest chance of achieving it, then I would want something with a safe outcome if that's not what excites me.

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When Is It Time to Quit A Friendship?

Why is it that with friendships in our life we are so much more tolerant and accepting, then we are with romantic relationships? Just because we can have a lot of them, doesn't mean we should.  We all have those friendships that live from obligatory meet ups and forced, energy consuming conversations, but we don't really get anything out of them. So why do we often drag them along? Maybe we should all have a big spring clearout in the human relations department.

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Die Multitasking-Falle

Heutzutage feiern wir das Multitasking. Immer geht es darum möglichst viel auf einmal zu machen und niemals eine Sekunde weder Kopf noch Hände unbeschäftigt zu lassen. Reden und am Handy schreiben. Googeln und laufen. Arbeiten und Musik hören. Immer haben wir auch im Hintergrund irgendetwas laufen. Eine konstante Beschallung während wir versuchen klare Gedanken zu fassen.

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