Why does Negativity have so much power over us?

You can see it happening in your brain every day. These loud and colorful thoughts that come up every minute every second of each day. They are screaming in your face how much everything sucks. Negative words are so sharp that they get in easily. They break through walls and will make themselves heard.

The Positive ones are soft and subtle and hard to notice. They are shy, they hide in the background, afraid to get hurt. They know they can break easily. They are pastel colored and vulnerable. What can you do to find them? You have to actively look if you want to hear them. You have to make them feel welcome. They are constantly under attack, they scatter on the floor like thin glass because we often don't handle them with care. But they are true. They are pure. As children we have them often, not knowing how vulnerable they make us. Until life teaches us otherwise.

Life teaches us to be loud and strong, and stable and make ourselves heard. That's what negativity does well. Negativity is loud, negativity screams with no fear of being misunderstood. Negativity is a shapeshifter. If it doesn't quite fit, it adjusts, without caring about what its body is. It just wants to be there. It doesn't speak with passion, it doesn't care. It doesn't even want to be liked, it is heartless. It doesn't get attacked. It attacks. It wears a big shell so nothing can get to it. It doesn't show his real face it isn't exposed.

It has always been easy to hate. Easy to judge. Hate is like opening the fire. Starting an attack and putting a wall up at the same time.

Vomiting words you don't care about. It's always others you focus the negativity on so you are safe. It's not your own stuff you put out so why care. Never affected by it.

It is difficult to like something. To genuinely care about something, appreciate something makes it so easy to get hurt. All eyes on you if you speak with affection. Positivity is taking off your clothes in a crowded place. You have to be brave, you have to feel out of place and afraid. Naked and exposed.

It takes balls to be kind. Because those who are afraid and mean are always close to attack. The scared are the ones who attack and build their walls. The brave open up their honesty, kindness, love. They let themselves be exposed.

It's a game and people like to win. And power comes with the attack.

But they attack with skills that don't make a difference in themselves. It doesn't make a dent in their being, they don't evolve they don't change, they just stay in their shell never showing its insides. They will never train their actual skin, that's so protected.

Those who do, the ones that put themselves out there, the truly brave, those get to evolve. They just stand strong under attack turning the other cheek rather than ever shooting back. They will build a thick skin. They will see that due to their bravery some flowers will stand unattacked and they will see how beautiful they are. They will notice the good that comes out of their actions that others are blind to. They will appreciate their own good doing and they will love themselves for it. It will cause them physical pain to be attacked, they will bleed, they will cry, they will get laughed at. But they will find others that are doing the same thing and they will truly appreciate each other and love deeply without regret. Their wounds will heal and build their skin thicker. They will know they don't need their physical beauty because they have it inside. And those who matter will see that. Eventually those who attack will get tired, they will see that their attacks don't work anymore. And they will be left with nothing but emptiness and no purpose. But they will keep spending their time empty and find another target, another weapon until they get tired.

Negativity will always be louder, more present and painful. But if you look you can find something good always. If you actually give a shit, you are truly strong. You can find things to appreciate and get excited about everywhere. It will be worth it in the end.