Cynicism: The Death Of Productivity And Honest Joy


I recently figured out that everything I hate in a person can be narrowed down to one thing: cynicism. Here's why:

They will call you 'pretentious'. This is really the worst word to call somebody, who's just trying to be and do something. Honestly trying. They will tell you, what you're doing is embarrassing, pointless and you're not good at it. It is the one way of making a person feel shitty about just doing anything at all. And that just makes me angrier than anything else. Because no matter what you do, how bad you're at it, the point is you're doing something, you're trying. And that's probably more than the other person can say. So never let someone like that make you doubt yourself!

"Never let critics get to you, at least you are doing something and they aren't. That alone makes you better than them."

They will never truly stand by, or like something, therefore never can get hurt. They're empty people just doing nothing to avoid criticism. They will trash talk anything and never admit liking anything, or never actually allow themselves to like something in the first place. They will get defensive easily and never admit they're wrong. They will hit you under the belt with their words if they run out of options.

"If you're doing nothing, you can't do anything wrong."

They will talk bad about anything without having a solution or even wanting to change and better it. It often feels like they like it when bad things happen just because they can talk about how stupid everything and everyone is and how much everything sucks. But it feels like they don't want things to be better. They wallow in their misery. Keep away from that poison attitude.

If they really mean what they say, they have really given up on life, don't see anything good in it whatsoever. And I just don't understand how one can live like that. I often wonder if they truly think, that everything sucks as much as they say, but I can't believe that they really do, otherwise, it would be a horrible way of living. That makes me think they don't actually mean it. Again, it's probably a defense mechanism.

If they don't mean it, they just ruin things for everyone else. That they don't mean it, doesn't make it okay, in fact, that makes it worse because they constantly ruin things for others.

In school people are cynical. Almost everybody. And you have to be one to survive. Looking back what bothered me the most about school was the only thing that was cool was to hate everything. And the second someone admitted he or she liked something there was an open target. And that destroys every spark of hope and courage to make plans and dream and get excited about the future. And that's horrible.

"Cynics are just dreamers terrified of never getting what they want."

And they are incredibly jealous of everyone who does. But if they never even try, there is obviously no way of getting there. And what others do, doesn't affect their chances. It's not about comparison.

It has really opened my eyes since I've pinned so many toxic behaviors and thought processes, that I even see in myself all the time. But I don't want to be like that and I don't want to be surrounded by it anymore.  And the internet is full of it, but I say let's start to be serious about our passions and take other peoples goals serious and spread some positive and supportive things. Do you feel a bit cynical sometimes? Or know a cynic? And do you feel like it can be healthy sometimes? Is it funny? Let me know!


Emma x