Once A Week We Stay In Bed


Slowing it down in a society that’s all about maximum productivity.

How busy we are these days basically determine the value of our worth. That’s what we think at least because all we talk about is what have you been doing lately, what have you achieved, have you done anything important lately. Becoming successful as early as possible seems to be the ultimate goal.

And don’t get me wrong, I love a hard working gal or boy and it’s nothing but healthy to give something that you like doing your all. Pouring yourself into a project is the best thing you can do.

But don’t forget one thing: We’re not machines. To work is not the reason we exist. In fact we don’t owe anyone anything. We don’t have to prove to the world that we’re worth taking up the space and resources. We have nothing to be guilty about. We are here to exist. How we do that is up to us.

So here is my proposal: Once a week we stay in bed all day because why not. Here’s why:

  • We work better if we work towards a free time we can be excited about. Where you don’t have to function well. You can let yourself go.

  • No need to shower or even look in a mirror all day. Just existing without looking at yourself from the outside is good for our sanity.

  • Decisions: Decisions are putting consatant pressure on us these days and on a normal day we are running out of the capacity of making decisions extremely early on. So we need to give our poor brains a break from that. Its nice to know that the only decision you’ll have to make that day ist whether you’re going to have a Hitchcock-marathon or to watch Sex And The City from the beginning once more. Its important to think about things that aren’t important for once, things that won't change your life whatsoever.  


What to do all day in bed:

  • Breakfast in bed: Or every meal, actually. Why not! It’s comfy and warm and you can just make that day your changing the sheets day.

  • Reading: Read a book! There’s nothing better than getting lost in a good story of a book. We forget it these days but a show or movie can’t compare! It’s worth the extra ‘work’ it requires. Or read a magazine! Or a blog.

  • Sleeping: Sleep as much as you want, sleep all day if you can enjoy it, recharge the tank. Don’t feel guilty. Odds are your body probably needs it.

  • Write: Write a story. Write a diary. Write about your feelings. Write about other people. Write some recipes. Just write whatever, it’s fun!

  • Plan: Think about your next move. Think about what you want to do next. And then figure out how to do it. Think about your next week or month, think about what friends you could meet and what fun activities you could do together. Call them and make plans. Get some good things in your calendar so you have something to look forward to. Look up some fun recipes you could try. And write a shopping list.

  • Dream: Look at houses you can’t afford and vacations, places you’d like to go things you’d like to do. Go crazy. It’ fun and maybe you’ll find something worth working towards. New motivation is always good and sometimes forgetting who you are is okay too.

  • Watch a movie, listen to an Audiobook or draw! Whatever you want! You get the jist!

You deserve it! You deserve it because you’re  a human being on this planet and life is hard. Everyones life is hard. Of course some more than others but at the end of the day we all live on this planet and that alone is not an easy place to be. It is sad and cruel and ignorant and if you have any emotions then you feel the pain. And pain is pain. All pain is valid and demands to be felt.


At the end of the day what I want to get across is that we have to be nicer to ourselves! We don’t always have to function well, think about what we bring to the world and can do for other people. Sometimes we can just exist. We can, without guilt enjoy doing nothing. Not being productive is okay. Knowing we’re worth being on this planet and being proud of ourselves for simply existing.

Even though you didn’t do your best that week and you know you can do better and you’re disappointed in yourself because you fucked up and regret what you didn’t do and you just can’t seem to see your worth and feel like you should more likely punish yourself.

I’m telling you it’s okay. You still deserve a break. You still deserve to recharge and start over.

Starting over: That satisfying feeling full of hope and new beginnings we experience every new year. Let’s make that a regular. Let’s do it every month, screw it let’s do it every week, every day even. Let’s start over! Let’s scratch the past and start with an clean slate.

Maybe there is no deeper meaning to life and we can’t change the world every day and that’s okay. We’re trying hard enough. And just because you’re taking a break you’re not giving up.

You have to learn to rest not give up: Just because you’re taking a break that doesn’t mean you’ve given up. It seems like you’re not doing enough if you take a break if you could work during that time but that’s the secret to results, to gather some energy to be more productive afterwards.


It’s about being kind with yourself and patient and understanding. All the things you would be with a friend but forget to be for yourself.

Let me know how you recharge, restart and what you do when you’re not doing anything productive!

Emma x