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Meditation Is Going To Change Your Life

What meditation really is, is a genius mind trick, that really should be part of everyone's life and taught in schools and integrated into our day to day routine. (Yes, I really think, it's that great!) But it sadly isn’t. But if you’re here you can consider yourself lucky because you have discovered it. And I promise, if you give it an honest shot then you will notice how good it is for you and not give it up for anything.

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When Is It Time to Quit A Friendship?

Why is it that with friendships in our life we are so much more tolerant and accepting, then we are with romantic relationships? Just because we can have a lot of them, doesn't mean we should.  We all have those friendships that live from obligatory meet ups and forced, energy consuming conversations, but we don't really get anything out of them. So why do we often drag them along? Maybe we should all have a big spring clearout in the human relations department.

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17 things I learned in 2017

A year goes by so quickly but yet it is a big section of your life that is now written in stone and you'll never get back or get to change. So it is useul if not necessary to look back at your lived experiences and see what good has come out of it all. All the new experiences, places you've seen, people you met and things you learned about yourself.

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