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The Life Of A Dreamer

My name is Emma and I am a dreamer. I have realized and finally accepted that fact about myself and it certainly took me a while to do both of those things. In an environment of fact-based realists, my view of the world and my future was often frowned upon. And I never understood what was wrong with me. It took me trying to live a life that was expected of me and becoming miserably unhappy to realize that giving up my crazy dreams meant giving up my hope, excitement, drive, and happiness altogether. I realized I'd rather have something so exciting I wanted to work for it day and night, with the slightest chance of achieving it, then I would want something with a safe outcome if that's not what excites me.

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17 things I learned in 2017

A year goes by so quickly but yet it is a big section of your life that is now written in stone and you'll never get back or get to change. So it is useul if not necessary to look back at your lived experiences and see what good has come out of it all. All the new experiences, places you've seen, people you met and things you learned about yourself.

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