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hey girl

you are great

in fact you are perfect

at this time and place

you are kind just not to yourself and sometimes not even to anyone else

but you're fine you are great you are better than so many people except for the moments you desperately crave when you let yourself go

you are good you are great except sometimes you hurt not only everyone around you but mostly yourself

sometimes then you are just not the best you can be

sometimes you hold yourself back sometimes you hold others back more from the things you love and the things you want

sometimes you are selfish but that kind of selfish where you are desperately trying to be seen for what you are doing for others even though you don’t do much for them anyway

but that’s just because you don’t have enough strength not enough to hold yourself up nonetheless others

but you are beautiful girl except that you know it

you know it but never believe it

you think everyone should see it and tell you

except when they do it doesn’t mean anything at all

girl you are special but not because you are different in fact you are just like everyone else

you think you are different you think you are different and better than everyone else is

but don't you know that's what everyone else thinks as well

you try to fit in and you try to be liked but in fact thinking you're better but not believing it is not the quality to have if you want to belong

you are scared

scared to live a life that is gone before you are ready to start

it needs to wait for you to prepare and oh cant i do that again i can do better

you can always do better but you never do

it doesn't count let's just forget about that round

you can do better but you never do no because just wait.

hold on a minute ill be there for you if you should ever need me except not now i can't right now i am busy i'm sorry but why are you mad you are selfish for needing me when i need you no i cant not right now

you are talented girl you are smart you have something about you - you could be just great but you don’t feel like doing anything ever at all

right now you are tired and you need to rest from all the work you didn't do just simply existing can be too much to handle for you

but you are strong you are strong and powerful you have a voice that can make itself heard and opinions worth being heard and your will could break walls yes you could

you know all about all the things that you could if you wanted to but you don't know why you should

girl you are wonderful at least you could be if you would just change and stay exactly who you are all the same

if you could only just have been ready ten years ago but its too late

life is knocking but you don't feel like talking to anyone right now except yourself and sometimes not even that

girl you love yourself your body your mind all the same except when you look in the mirror see and feel nothing but shame you are disgusted by the busted young skin aging away that has marks from a life that you weren't really there for

you are great you are perfect if you want to be

so perfect

you don't know how to deal it gets so overwhelming so quick you want all or nothing there's no in between so you get on the shelf and wait if somebody sees you - you stand still, don't move so you might melt into the walls become one with everything else cause it gets just so overwhelming to feel

so much all at once and equally nothing at all