Optimistic Pessimist

comfort zone(16).png

it comes more than natural to me to see things in black and grey

and when i see the colors i doubt them

i don't see the point to be hopeful, to care

because all i see is what needs to be seen

i see all the pain and the suffer and oh what's the point for the cheer and the laughter

if all of it passes

yes sooner or later it all turns to black just the way it appeared in the first place

but in fact i am so pessimistic, i realize the truth is there is no point in even trying, even worrying, even crying

if there is no hope

so we might as well forget all the truths

they can scream all they want i don't want them to be here and that's when it dawned

on me i have the power to see what i want if i want to shut my eyes to the ugly i can and it doesn't make me ignorant it just means that i'm doing my best

all you could do is wrong, all you could do is fleeting so you might as well pick and choose what you're feeding your mind, what you're feeling

to cut free

free from the trivial questions of life, from the worries and matters you can't seem to hide from but yes

yes you can live a life that is full. fill it up with whatever you want let the music and art and creation be warned because it's time

time for the sun rise and set at the same time, we're packing our stuff to move out of the skin that constricts our every move and it's time to let go

let go of our pride and our moaning goodbyes let's accept that there's nothing worth doing so let's do it all